Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs) – Remapping South Wales


Below are some questions and answers relating to remapping but if you have any other questions please ring us on 07974 007405.

Is the work covered by a warranty?

All our remap software carries a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle and remaps are fully approved by the TUV testing body. They also come with a 14 day money back option if there is a problem with our work.

Why remap?

Most vehicles are intentionally restricted by the manufacturer, by having to cater for bad fuel as found in some countries abroad,  non servicing, severe climates, or just to place the vehicle into a different banding. To do this they have to compromise the engines control settings. This leaves scope for fine tuning to release the extra power and economy from your engine, this is achieved by matching up the control settings to best suit your individual vehicle and your needs.

How do we do this?

The engine is controlled by the ecu (engine control unit) we access your ecu through a obd (diagnostic) socket which every vehicle after 2001 has fitted as standard,many had it before this, but after 2001 all manufacturers fitted these as standard,after a diagnostic check is carried out, our machine is connected to this socket and reads your vehicles engine data settings from the ecu, the data is then carefully modified by us to best suit your requirements, it is then loaded back into the vehicle’s ecu to release more power, torque and economy from your vehicle, the vehicle is then road tested by yourself so you can see the gains achieved,the whole process usually takes around a hour to complete.

Why is it not done by the manufacturer?

There can be many reasons, it may be, that there are two or three different power outputs from the same size engine of this model, ie 70 bhp/90 bhp/110 bhp so the manufacturer can ask more money for each increased power output of the vehicle, which is achieved in many cases just by remapping it to the next power output themselves from new, which usually means the 70hp vehicle has the same gearbox/clutch/drivetrain/brakes etc as the 110hp vehicle, so the increase in power will not damage/wear your vehicle prematurely as some people who don’t understand remapping fear, as the smaller powered vehicle is already made for the extra power and torque by having the same parts from new as the more powerful model, after remapping your vehicle  it will drive smoother with less engine flat spots/roughness, creating less engine or component wear. So there is no need to worry that the extra power and torque will damage your vehicle. It will probably make it last longer, by not having to rev the engine as hard to achieve the same power/speed as before the remap.

Warranty/main dealer servicing/mot

The vehicles diagnostic codes and settings as supplied by the manufacturer from new are all retained as standard, only the vehicles engine settings are enhanced, this makes the remap undetectable by normal dealer servicing/mot testing etc. The ecu’s standard settings are kept on file by us, so if at any time you wanted to revert back to the original settings for what ever reason we can do this for you at a small fee to cover our costs.

Why drive a standard vehicle?

You can enjoy up to 30% more power and up to 50% more torque in turbo vehicles, and around 10%-15% increases in non turbo vehicles, plus the added benefit of more miles per gallon in most cases, if the economy remap is selected you can gain as much as 20% better fuel economy,also with a large increase in power/torque, meaning that the remap quickly pays for its self, by the extra miles per gallon. You tell us what remap you require, 1- economy, 2-towing torque, 3- stage 1, 4- max power/modified, or just leave it to us.

Benefits of a remapped vehicle

An increase in horsepower, increased torque, better throttle response, smoother power delivery, improved miles per gallon  (especially turbo diesel vehicles), safer overtaking with no flat spots, and what some consider the best benefit, saving money on your motoring with better fuel economy and increased performance


Before you decide be assured, don’t gamble with the end result,use a warranted company like ours with a remap made just for your vehicle. We are not a company that uses maps that were used on a similar vehicle to yours, and take a chance that it should work on your vehicle, if you are not happy with the end result of our work at the time of the remapping or even up to 14 days later,if our work is at fault, we can return it to the standard settings and give you a refund. We can’t be fairer than that, we are that confident in our product,and to make you feel confident in making the right decision.

So what have you got to lose ? Nothing only gains to be made, why drive a standard vehicle when you can have an increase in performance to use when needed, a car that drives smoother and uses less fuel than it did when it was standard,(when you drive it as you did normally) as it can be hard to resist using the increase in performance all of the time.