Fuel Savings With An Economy Remap


We recently remapped a 10 plate vw passat cc for a family member to try, he was amazed to gain around 7 mpg on a run, it was already good on fuel but it is outstanding now, He could not believe how well the car drives, and commented that the already smooth driving vehicle is now a much smoother ride, along with the increase in torque that has eliminated the slow speed judder he had when driving around the streets in a gear too high, The car now takes it all in its stride,  he can now take his bad driving habits up to a different level, just hope he remembers to pay us.


  1. Gavin says:

    Hi I’m really impressed with the results you are getting with remapping. I have a Ford mondeo diesel that I use for commuting from Swansea to Cardiff. Can you remap this model too? What sort of price would it be?

    • Mark Harris says:

      Hi Gavin,
      Thanks for the email , yes we can remap this vehicle for you, i have sent you a price in a email reply, please contact me on 07974007405 if you need more information or need to book it it to be done

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