Dpf Removal And Delete.

We recently had a call from a customer who had been recommended by a local garage to contact us to see if we could help him, He had taken his Dpf (diesel particle filter) out of his exhaust system after it had been causing problems with the running of his vehicle, due to it becoming totally clogged up, and could no longer be regenerated to be cleaned,(One of the many problems that are caused by dpf fliters that are now fitted to most diesel vehicles as standard )After the dpf removal he continued to use his vehicle as normal only to find clouds of smoke from the exhaust followed him when he drove the vehicle, we explained to him that if a dpf filter is removed the software that controls the dpf needs to be taken out of the vehicles ecu or it still sends controling signals from the ecu to the now missing dpf filter, causing the problems he has. We told him we could sort out his smoke problem for him by removing the software from the vehicle ecu with our equipment in around 30 minutes, which we done for him, and another satisfied customer went on his way without his james bond style smoke screen behind him.

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