Remapping Problems

Yesterday we remapped a range rover vouge td6 that had been remapped by a company that offer remaps in the cardiff/barry area, The vehicle’s owner asked us if we could do anything to sort out his vehicle as it had been back to this company on three occassions and he was far from happy with the overall result, poor performance and  economy, At the third attempt they had got the vehicle from 14 mpg to 19 mpg, but that was pussy footing it and not driving it normally,which as standard he had 21 mpg from it, He was recommended by a friend of his to try us,When we arrived we read the vehicles map and it was so bad we had to return the vehicle to a standard setting before we could remap it with one of our custom remaps, After our remap he took it for a test drive over the same route as he had covered to get 19 mpg, he averaged 24.7 mpg on the vehicles computer and could not believe the extra performance he had and how smooth the range rover now ran, So it just goes to show there are remaps and there are remaps, We stand by our work, which is more than can be said of many out there who just want your money unfortunately.



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