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In addition to remapping vehicles we also offer:-

These deletes are from £125 if carried out on their own, or for £199 they can be included within a remap. So you would get all the benefits of a remap and any troublesome sensors deleted at the same time.  A remap only starts from £175


More vehicle owners are looking to remove/blank off troublesome egr valves which can cause poor running, lack of power, as well as putting  a fault light on the dash of the vehicle, if the egr fault is not taken out of the ecu correctly and just turned off, it can result in serious engine damage by running the vehicle very lean.so make sure it is done correctly in the ecu software.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Problems

The dpf (diesel particle filter) is fitted in the vehicle’s exhaust system to filter and trap the diesel soot particles. This can block up very easily and cause no end of problems, from poor running, lack of power and excessive fuel consumption, as well as making the vehicle go into limp mode and putting a fault light on,we can reset the dpf sensors in the ecu software, and also remove the diesel particle filter light from the dashboard and prevent the vehicle from running in limp mode because of the blocked dpf

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This is the removal of the vehicle’s maximum speed limiter removed from the ecu, as some vehicle’s have a  restricted  top speed  by the manufacturer, we can also adjust a vehicle fitted with a  rev limiter, to a new activation point  if required.all our removal solutions are 100% software modifications and not a plug in module that can distort your vehicles CAN data network which controls your vehicle, these modules are also visible to a dealer and making any warranty  you may have void, so  have it done correctly by us.


Mass air flow meter sensor settings can be modified or totally removed for vehicles running bigger airflow meter’s, and a new map of settings can be installed so the vehicle can run with or without the MAF sensor’s fitted, these settings are called alpha n settings which enables the vehicle to run correctly without the sensor’s signals going back to the ecu, when the vehicle is experiencing problems from the mass air flow meter readings, which can occur if the air flow meter has been modified or just faulty.


These are sensor’s that are fitted into the exhaust system, which can fail for a number of reasons, due to past its normal life, or just  by contamination, this can give the vehicle a number of problems if it’s failed or just not reading 100% correct, it can lead to drivability problems, high emissions and poor fuel consumption, as well as putting a fault light on the dash, and maybe putting the vehicle into limp mode,
we can stop this by adjusting or removing the lambda sensor settings from the vehicles ecu, (engine control unit)
also for modified vehicle’s that have had the catylitic converter, removed or been fitted with a sports cat (race/track vehicles to achieve max power)we can adjust or remove the lambda sensor’s software from the ecu, to remove any problem’s with the removal of the cat or the fitting of a sports cat in the vehicles exhaust system.
We can also turn off, Service/Abs/ Airbag, lights as well as read Diagnostics and turn off Engine Fault Code lights on most vehicles,
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