Every month Elite Ecu’s will be doing a special remapping offer so make sure you book mark the page and visit the site.

Special Offer

Your vehicle remapped with it’s own custom made remap from only £175 in this limited time offer.


2 vehicles custom remapped by OBD from £330

That’s an amazing £165 per vehicle during this offer period.

Special deals on complete dpf removals and a remap done at the same time.

Trucks and HGV vehicles.  Limited time special offer, a custom made obd remap at £300 per vehicle, or 2 done at the same time for £550. Other discounts available for larger fleet bookings.

Big money savings to be gained,with a fast payback from the fuel savings,Truck owners if you take 15% off your total fuel bill to have an idea of what you could typically save in a year.

Cars and Vans and 4X4’s can gain 30% more power or up to 20% more economy with our custom made remaps, All remaps carry a full warranty.

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