Testimonial – Renault Premium Truck

Renault Premium 420 dci Truck

We were asked to carry out a remap for a fleet owner based in Glynneath, South Wales.  The owner felt that the truck was working hard to carry full loads to Scotland four times a week and it was costing a fortune in fuel.
The truck was a Renault Premium 420 dci  with 11.0 litre 6 cylinder engine.
Power as standard was 412 bhp with torque 1870nm.  After remapping an increase of 70 bhp and torque up 360 nm was achieved which took this vehicle up to the same engine specification as the next model up in the range – the Renault Premium 480 dci. (This model has the same size turbos, injectors, engine size, as the 420 dci, but it has only been remapped by the manufacturer to increase the output and to call it a 480 dci.)
We remapped this vehicle while it was waiting to be loaded after hours at his customers factory.
“After the remap I was amazed by the increase in pulling power/torque. I drove the truck myself to Scotland to see the difference. It was a much easier vehicle to drive as there was now far less gear changes etc, so less driver fatigue on long journeys and the vehicle increased its fuel economy to 9.8 mpg an increase of nearly 1 mpg.  This saved us around £80 in fuel costs on one journey to Scotland where it carried it’s 26 ton payload with far greater ease than it had done previously.
Upon my return from Scotland I was still impressed and took the vehicle to its testing station to check it’s emissions as it seemed too good to be true. I was astonished when the tester told me that the readings were the same as they always had been, if not a little better.”
Thomson, Fleet Owner, Neath